Our Story

From the very beginning Bare Bourne has been on a mission to provide clean, non-toxic, high quality, and completely natural yet effective products.  We take our mission seriously by extensively researching each ingredient and curating the most effective recipes. 

Bare Bourne was created to share our love of our products with others to help bring awareness that there are healing plants that can balance and restore our health. Living a "clean" lifestyle and getting away from ingredients we cannot pronounce and that are harmful to us and our family is something that I want to help others do.

For many years I struggled with eczema all over my arms and hands. After many dermatologist appointments, lotions and steroid creams that continued to fail while making my condition worse, I realized it was all the chemicals in the medications and store bought skin care products that were exacerbating my eczema. I was then on a mission to create my own products that would not only help my skin, but be safe for my whole family to use as well as we ventured away from all the toxic chemicals in store bought products. The further research I did, the more I realized there are a lot of toxic chemicals in our every day products that we buy and put on our skin and have in our households. From soap to lotion to laundry detergent and softener to bathroom cleaners--it all has toxic chemicals, fragrances and dyes. Long term use all of these toxic chemicals on our bodies and in our environment there could cause lasting, harmful effects on our body and health.

I began making my own skin care and household products. I was determined to only use ingredients that were completely natural- that only come from plants and mother earth to provide healing properties. I began studying herbalism and aromatherapy to go back to the healing power of what once used to be before all the man-made chemicals. All of my recipes took a lot of thought, research and testing to make sure the ingredients I was using would benefit my body and not be harmful in any way. After curating many recipes that worked well for me and my family, Bare Bourne was born.

-Ashley, Co-Owner

For the love of


Bare Bourne is a small, family owned business created and operated by husband and wife duo, Chris and Ashley. Bare Bourne is located in central, rural Missouri where it is surrounded by the beautiful Ozarks, lakes, rivers, springs and fields of livestock and crops.

Eco-friendly household products from Bare Bourne


100% Recyclable

Everywhere we can, we limit our use of plastic and waste. We always make sure that when plastic or paper is used, it is the best option and can be recyclable at home. Our shipping boxes and packing paper are 100% recyclable and biodegradable and made in the USA. This means less plastic in landfills and lower carbon emissions.



We are on a mission to help others create a healthier and natural lifestyle by removing all of the toxic chemicals you use on your body and in your home and replacing with a plant-based alternative.

The link between a more plant-based lifestyle, long term health and quality of life is well established, as is the need for change to support our environment. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing choice, every time you switch to a plant-based alternative, it makes a difference and we are on that journey with you.

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