Ingredients we use & why

Aloe Vera Juice:
Aloe vera juice contains saponins, which have a natural cleansing and antiseptic effect. This means that aloe vera in soap has properties that is great for killing bacteria that cause breakouts. These antibacterial properties also make aloe vera a great choice to prevent infection of irritated skin.

Avocado Butter: 
Avocado butter is obtained from the fruit of the Avocado tree (Persea Gratissima) which grows in sub-tropical regions of the world. Avocado butter is a soft butter that adds antioxidants, lather and creaminess to skin products.

Avocado Oil:
Avocado oil is full of vitamins A, B, D and E, antioxidants which makes this oil very conditioning. Since it is full of so many vitamins it aids in diminishing wounds, inflammation and scars. Avocado oil is rated a 3 on the comedogenic scale meaning it has moderate likelihood of clogging pores.

Cocoa Butter: 
Cocoa butter contains many natural antioxidants and it contributes to the soap hardness, stable lather and conditioning of the product.

Coconut Milk:
Coconut milk has a 
naturally high oil content that gives it moisturizing and creaminess properties.

Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is rich in emollient fat and when used in soap, it has properties for moisturizing and conditioning. It is an oil which is solid at room temperature but easily melts on the skin. It protects skin from the elements by forming a thin film, which is not absorbed. The coconut oil contributes to the soap hardness and is a high cleansing addition that produces bubbles.

Castor Oil: 
Castor Oil is rich in fatty acids which adds a stable lather.  This oil acts as a humectant in soaps, which means it draws moisture from the air onto the skin.

Clays are natural organic minerals mined from the earth. These clays give a colored pigment to our soap as well has properties to help with impurities and detox skin. These clays can also add to the creaminess and silkiness of the soap.

Essential Oils:
Essential Oils are a natural product that usually comes from extracting the oils from a fruit, nut, flower or plant. These are also used as a natural fragrance in all of our products. Essential oils have their own natural benefits- see the product descriptions for more details on each essential oil.

Grapeseed Oil: 
Grapeseed oil is naturally antimicrobial. It's high in unpolysaturated fats (mostly omega 6 fatty acids) and Vitamin E. Grapeseed oil is especially lightweight, non-greasy and easily absorbs into the skin. Grapeseed oil i
s great for the skin due to its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Grapeseed oil is rated 1 on the comedogenic scale meaning it is very unlikely to clog your pores.

Jojoba Oil: 
Jojoba oil helps create a natural barrier on your skin. The molecular structure of jojoba closely resembles that of our own skin's natural oils, so it absorbs very well.  It is lightweight and non-greasy.It has
 anti-microbial, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. It boasts high levels of Vitamin E, zinc and omega fatty acids which helps its aid in multiple skin conditions, wounds and inflammation. It is noncomedogenic. Jojoba oil comedogenic rating is a 2 meaning it does not clog your pores.

Olive Oil:  
Olive oil is a natural source of the antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins A, E, D and K. This oil also contributes to the soap hardness, creamy lather, slippery feel, conditioning and moisturizing. Olive oil attracts external moisture to your skin, helping to keep skin soft. 

Palm Oil:
We use sustainably sourced palm oil- always, every time. Palm oil is a gentle and nourishing natural ingredient that contains several antioxidants, carotenes, vitamin E, and vitamin A, which are all great for your skin. These vitamins help to protect your natural skin barrier.

Vegetable Glycerin:
Vegetable glycerin is a by-product of soap making and all of our soaps contain glycerin. Glycerin is an emollient skin softener and humectant which absorbs moisture from the air onto your skin after use.

Vitamin E Oil:
Pure vitamin E is derived from a variety of plant oils and has anti-oxidizing effects which helps support the stability of other ingredients our soaps.



All of our soap is made with lye (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide), however, there is none left in the end product. This is why we do not include it in our ingredient lists. Lye helps to hydrolyze the oils which creates the soap. It is not possible to make soap without lye. By the time the soap is usable the lye has chemically changed into soap and/or glycerin.